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Project Description Last Change
git-cache Cache git repos, like nix's fetchGit 2 weeks ago
syncthing-autoregister Automatically update NixOS syncthing configuration 2 weeks ago
nix-profile-gc More gently remove old Nix profiles 2 months ago
voter A simple CGI voting thing 2 months ago
auto-upgrade-with-pinch Automatic NixOS upgrades with pinch 3 months ago
pinch PIN CHannel, a nix-channel replacement 3 months ago
rfc1751 Command line tool for RFC1751 (aka S/Key) numbers-as... 4 months ago
hellowebpy A minimal hello world python web server 4 months ago
paperdoorknob Print glowfic 4 months ago
vopamoi TODO organizer 7 months ago
tattlekey A one-key WiFi UDP keyboard 8 months ago
tl-append time-logger appending shell 9 months ago
uniqt uniq -c, but for time 9 months ago
inverse-tax Inverse income tax calculator 10 months ago
nix-pin-deps GC-anchor a Nix build's dependencies 11 months ago
nixos-qemu-vm-isolation Isolate NixOS QEMU VMs from each other 11 months ago
pluta-lesnura An AI-alignment-themed card game 11 months ago
batteryviewer Show battery metrics 15 months ago
warn-nixpkgs Wrap nixpkgs, but emit a warning if this one is ever... 2 years ago
trustix-integration-tests Integration tests for trustix 2 years ago
roundrobintaborder Alt-tab order becomes round-robin instead of most-recen... 3 years ago
nonblockingswitcher Application switching oughtn't stop all other keyboard... 3 years ago
reliable-chat Reliable Chat 3 years ago
planeteer Calculate optimal trading routes for Planets: The Explo... 3 years ago
more_tnt Minetest mod: More TNT 3 years ago
pink_flower Minetest mod: Pink Flower 3 years ago
gold_sword Minetest mod: Gold sword 3 years ago
picsort Ad hoc personal picture sorter 3 years ago
nix-currently-building Show what nix-daemon is currently building 3 years ago
snek Amir Rachum's entry_points example 4 years ago
overonion Silly encryption 6 years ago
slidingtile Sliding tile puzzle solver 8 years ago
nt3d In-browser 3D-printing modeling framework 10 years ago